Tenuous Existence

I am so tired. I could almost give up on everything but it's always the case of that last glint. It keeps me going even if I decide to do nothing. I hate that.

A deep stomach-churning hollow sigh...

Sometimes I really hope I could just falter and continuously descend into oblivion. Really taste death and not come back at all. I am that perturbed.

I need that fucking courage to fall completely.

(墜落 - 蔡健雅)

The Truth

The story of Cancer comes into foreplay during the anal intercourse myth of Hercule's twelve fuckers labours, specifically the one about the multi-headed cock serpent called Hydra. While Hercules was sucking fighting the beast, Hera the uber-bitch goddess - sent a giant cock-sucking enemy crab to distract Hercules during the fuckfest battle. However when the crab learned of Hercule's erectile heroic efforts, he let Hercules fuck attack him for massive hemorrhage damage and sacrificed himself for a greater cause. For his noble efforts, the crab was put into the anus sky as the constellation Cancer. Sacrifice for others' well-being is a Cancerian quality as well as them often getting the smelly short end of the cock stick as far as blowjob luck is concerned. Yuck! 

Look Jeff!

A positive entry.

Mmm... such an en-te-ring.