Poetic Tears

(眼淚成詩 - 孫燕姿)


FYI, I cannot speak Thai. So those of you who understands Thai, have fun laughing!

I was silently laughing while singing this but I've always had a soft spot for Palmy's songs.

(Fear by Palmy)


I totally forgot that I still own this blog. It's been collecting dust to the extent that no amount of antihistamine will work this time.

Should I remove it guys? (kawaii eyes)

p.s. I still love you...


How did it get
so late so soon?
June has nestled herself
between my thighs, defeated.
Fallen so deep,
indifferent to July.


I am still here.

soon I would like to start over
on a different soil.
I hope

I no longer
have to hear
Apa lagi Cina mau?

Year Of The Black Snake

I am still around you know?
Though I am no longer active,
I still read your blog.
You know who you are.

I am not really sure why I've stopped blogging. It's a transition no doubt, but I think it is mainly because I am no longer single. It has been this way for almost a year now. I have been devoting most of my energy and attention on him. What's left, I use them here and the rest, I spend it on myself. I still sing, I still play the guitar and I still write mental notes. I am just not actively displaying it. And oh yeah, I still play with my prick too even when there's someone devoting himself to it now. It's perfectly normal I think. But he doesn't know I exist here. I would still like to have this private space to myself at the end of the day, especially when he's not around and I have thoughts that need to be ironed out.

Well... until I am really sure of what I want out of this cheesy blog, I am leaving this note in good faith that you will still be around when I am back.

Gong Xi Fa Lan Cai to all you pricks out there!
Happy fucking Valentine's and whatever yeah?
(Fucking is referred to as great sex and not cursing) 

Till then, I love each and everyone of you!

If you miss me, you can always write me at the email address on the right column. What? You mean you've never noticed it until NOW? You prick!