Been Everywhere

Been silent for awhile now. Been so busy with my new contract job. Been burning the midnight oil since middle of April through the weekends. Been working hard just to make ends meet. Been falling in and out of a flu spell. Been making new interesting friends especially a quick-witted one. Been having my eye on this charming boy who works right beside the agency I am currently bound to. Been hoping that he is not straight and doesn't have a partner yet. Been thinking about moving back to my hometown.

Been hoping to fall in love all over again.

Have you ever wondered, what would life be if you are incapable of love?

(夢一場 - 那英)

Happy 1st Anniversary!

Guess what? It's been exactly 1 year since I made this little petpet blog. I want to remember this day as it is also the installation of Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah in Malaysia. (Totally no connection to this blog)

So to commemorate the 1st anniversary of Chinese Prick, I've uploaded a video. Err... it's kinda irrelevant coz I wasn't prepared for this so I simply whack only. Wasn't even serious with the singing either. Was rather annoyed with the talking MTV more than anything else.

But I do know the new blog cover is totally relevant to Chinese Prick! Be kind with your comments kay?

Lastly, on such a short existence, my blog has garnered more than 8,000 visits. That really says something. You guys are totally awesome in lending your support to Chinese Prick!

Oh, as a footnote; I am glad I got one step closer to knowing someone personally.


(傾城 - 許美靜)

A Beautiful Revolution
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A Beautiful Revolution wrote:

In 2004, I was depressed. In 2005, I was suicidal. I went to see a therapist and started writing this site. In 2006, the work on this site became a book. In 2007, I found my place in this world. In 2008, my love life was still a disaster. But then I met her -- the girl on the Internet. We fell in love and got married. In 2009, I found everything.

This project is about that journey. And trying to understand how a life can completely change.


Just when I thought everything has finally begun to fall into place, drama happens. I've been trying hard to start afresh on the right foot by making a lot of wrong decisions which I thought were right. So now I look back at all that I've done and I've decided not to show any remorse.
I have made some wrong decisions.


I made the right decisions. It's the wrong way to think, but the right way to win. Life is about decisions. Whatever decision I will or am about to make, it will only be the one I could make. Otherwise I would have made a different one. Everything that I do, I was given a choice.

I choose to be the person I want to be.

Who are you going to be?

A young man worked as a runner in an advertising firm. One Day he said to his manager, "I'm leaving. I'm going to be a drummer."

The manager said, "I didn't know you played the drums."

He replied, "I Don't, but I'm going to."

A few years later that young man played in a band with Eric Clapton and Jack Bruce, and it was called Cream, and the young man's name was Ginger Baker.

He became what he wanted to become before he knew he could do it.

He had a goal.

Paul Arden - Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite