Before I landed myself in Kuala Lumpur for a new solo life, I used to believe in innocence and the purity of simple gestures. I daydream a lot and imagine vividly without fear and doubt. The ability to do so was ever so liberating and it gave me a sense of confidence, purpose and hope.

Unfortunately, because of living too long in KL on my own, and soaking up an entirely different culture for 17 years, I've allowed it to change me and become overly realistic and cynical than I could ever imagine. It is the only way I've known to persevere in this this selfish and self-centred city.

This movie has made me remember how I've foolishly ignored the importance of being true to myself. But I am what I am today.

I am both of what I was, and what I've become.

Thank you Marco.

Break Up And Be Done With It

Nothing beats singing karaoke after a nasty hangover.

(分手後不要做朋友 - 梁文音)

A Song For Lonely Nigel

(為你的寂寞唱歌 - 家家)