Refusing To Write


I stopped writing because it takes time to write something worth reading, something that you will appreciate, even if it doesn’t mean I blog every day. Anyone can blog. In fact, many do. But not everyone has something to say. And when I do, it's always on the negative side of things because I read the crap I write to reflect and grow positively (I think I just told a big lie).

Since this is not a journal of my daily events, it makes writing even harder. I'd like to think that the sole reason for keeping this blog is to share my singing to the world. I am that shy else I would've placed my videos on YouTube instead.

There's a Spanish proverb that encourages people to speak only when their words are more beautiful than the silence. The online world has given me a beautiful place for discussion and self-expression on topics I am passionate about but where there is beauty, there exists hateful and malicious readers.

And that, I am still a singer-blogwriter. 

(陌生人 - 蔡健雅)

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  1. i cannot believe you wrote a whole post to me. bookmarked, forever.

    i hope you are well, my friend. x